Casa Diablo, Vegan Strip Club

We absolutely DO NOT condone the subject matter in this post. We think it's despicable, immoral, unnatural and ruining the social fabric of America. What is the issue at hand? Veganism. Back in February of this year, a new type of strip club opened up in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. Casa Diablo claims to be the first vegan strip club on the entire planet. We desperately hope that it remains the ONLY vegan strip club on the entire planet. While we do not mind vegan strippers, after all fit strippers are better than fat strippers, we think its absurd to visit a gentleman's club and not be able to order a juicy cheeseburger or spicy chicken wings. To make things worse, Casa Diablo is the only smoke-free strip joint in the city of Portland. So let me get this straight: a strip club that serves no meat and doesn't allow smoking? I guess they're targeting the hard to win-over tree-hugging, anti-smoking, fornicating demographic. If you're in the Portland area and in the mood for a soy burger along with your lap dance, check out Casa Diablo's MySpace page.