Safe Blow

I Love Blow
No we're not condoning drug use, but we love the tongue-in-cheek concept of I Love Blow energy drink. Many of the conservative types out there are raising all sorts of hell claiming that the marketing of this product is causing young folks out there to start snorting. Give me a break. If you're going to be a cokehead, you'll be one whether you buy this product or not. I Love Blow is a new energy powder that you can mix into your favorite drink. It has the same caffeine levels as seven cans of Cokes so make sure not to take this stuff if you have to get up before noon the next day. Obviously, the reason people are all up in arms is the the packaging of the product, which mimics the kit usually used to do coke. Open up the package and you'll find vials of white powder, a mirror, and a credit card. We think it's pretty funny. You can purchase a 2-pack box set for $9.95 at