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viking's exotic resort
Gentlemen, paradise really does exist on Earth and its location is somewhere in the Dominican Republic. A couple years ago, I was watching a show on Playboy TV (I'm a bachelor so I'm allowed such vices) and saw this profile on a resort that caters to guys who want to truly live out their hedonistic fantasies. I remember thinking, "Damn, that sounds like something I need to go check out", but forgot to follow up and didn't think about it until recently when I read about the same resort on

Viking's Exotic Resort is a luxury destination that redefines "all-inclusive". When you purchase one of their vacation packages, you'll not only get 4-star accommodations, and all the drinks and food you can consume, but you'll also enjoy the company of one (or more) of the resort's lovely ladies. And we're not talking about some skanky, overweight hags, but rather modelesque types that have been selected by the resort not only for their beauty but also their personalities. For example, the lovely lady pictured here is one of the actual escorts...I mean companions.

3 night/4 day packages start at only $3900 and go up to $7900 for their Ultimate Fantasy Package where you'll get a VIP suite and two ladies for the duration of your stay. Seriously, that's a freaking bargain. Just like any well run bordello, the ladies are all tested and practice safe sex.

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