Sexiest Woman Alive?

Model Karolina Kurkova voted world's sexiest woman
Ummm...sorry E! Television, but we respectfully disagree. Yes, model Karolina Kurkova is lovely but the world's sexiest woman? We don't think so. In fact, we sorta disagree with the rest of your list:

1. Karolina Kurkova
2. Bar Rafaeli - Pretty hot, but #2???
3. Angelina Jolie - For some reason she seems like she would have B.O.
4. Gisele Bundchen - Overrated
5. Scarlett Johansson - Should be closer to #10
6. Adriana Lima - HOT
7. Heidi Klum - Past her prime
8. Penelope Cruz - She was with Tom Cruise...nuff said
9. Manuela Arcuri - We had to Google her...ok, she's pretty hot
10. Shakira - Can you say Butherface?

Women who we thing should have been on the list: Brooke Burke, Maggie Q, Megan Fox, Olga Kurylenko...the list goes on and on. Let us know what you think.